Individual taxation checklist form details


Further details on Individual Tax Checklist Form

1. Details of any shares or other assets acquired or sold during the financial year, this includes any real estate, shares or instalment receipts, unit trust investments, plant and equipment, motor vehicles, etc. Please include:

-       all contracts, solicitors’ correspondence, commissions & fees paid;

-       a full description, details of the transaction date and details of trade-in or sale proceeds received for any asset that was traded in, scrapped, or otherwise disposed of during the year, and where assets were purchased subsequent to 19/9/85 please include details of the purchase date and cost.                                                                                                                               


2. Rental property checklist

Client name:

Legal owners:

1)                                                                                 %

2)                                                                      ,            %

Duration of rental (ie, was the property rented for the full year?) If ‘no’, how many weeks was it available for rent?  

Details of INCOME

- Gross rent

- Bond money claimed (only if actually received to reimburse for damages or lost rent)

 Details of EXPENSES

Advertising costs    


Council rates & water   

Body Corporate fees   

Real estate agent fees & commissions   




Pest control   

Postage & sundries    

Reasonable travel expenses to inspect/repair the property or collect the rent (directly from the tenant).


Interest expense and bank charges

- If the loan is not 100% for the investment property,  please supply additional information to assist us with calculating the deductible portion.

- If the loan was refinanced during the year, please supply us with the refinancing cost, as well as the purpose of the new finance.

Depreciation expenses (unless we already have this information from last year). If you have not had a Quantity Surveyors Report carried out on the property (to establish construction costs and value of fittings etc), please contact our  office for a recommendation.             

Repairs & maintenance

- Repairs & improvements that were required when the property was first rented out (new properties only)

- Other general repairs   

Details of new assets purchased/installed, for example:                             

- Hot water systems

- Ceiling fans

- Sheds & carports

Were the tenants relatives or associates of the owners and the property was rented at less than market value? 

If the property was purchased or sold during the financial year, please provide:

- Contract of purchase &/or sale, and              

- Solicitor settlement statement/s 


3. Details of any employment-related expenses and documentation supporting these expenses, and in particular:

(a) motor vehicle expenses

- if less than 5000 business kilometres, estimate of kilometres travelled and engine capacity of vehicle

- if more than 5000 business kilometres: 

- full details of fuel & oil, repairs & maintenance and registration and insurance for each vehicle used in relation to work

- log book (if maintained)

- ensure that log books are no older than 5 years and are properly maintained

- date of journey

- odometer reading at beginning and end of journey

- purpose of journey

- odometer readings at the start and the end of financial year (eg, 1 July 2008 and 30 June 2009)

- if no log book maintained then provide full details of vehicles concerned including date of purchase, full cost of purchase, make, model and engine capacity.

(b) travel expenses

- details of airfares, accommodation, meals and taxi fares and advise purpose of trip (include itinerary, if available)

(c) uniforms, protective clothing and laundry expenses

(d) self-education expenses

- include details of connection with current employment

- other expenses (e.g. trade or business tools, sun protection products for outdoor workers, journals and/or subscriptions,union fees, home office expenses, accident and sickness insurance premiums, seminars).

4. Gifts or donations $2 and over including receipts for same

- to public institutions and school building funds: provide name of institution or school and amount gifted or donated

- to registered political parties: provide details of all donations and subscriptions made


5. Spouse Income and other taxation related details

- Spouse without dependent children: details of spouse’s separate net income and details of all expenses incurred in earning that income

- Spouse with dependent children (if a Family Tax Benefit claim has not already been made through Centrelink for the 2009 year):

- details of spouse’s name, tax file number and date of birth

- details of spouse’s adjusted taxable income, and details of maintenance income and expenditure

- details of each child’s name, sex and date of birth, whether the child is studying or working, and your care percentage for each child


6. Non-employer sponsored/personal superannuation contributions

- full details should be provided including the name of the fund, your member account number, and the amount contributed

- for 2008/09 you may be entitled to a tax rebate for superannuation contributions for your non-working or low income earning spouse


7. Details of net medical expenses incurred (if they exceed $1,500)

- full details of expenditure on medical, dental and chemist etc.

- full details of health insurance and Medicare refunds received

Note: This information can be downloaded from


8. HECS/HELP details

- HECS/HELP account debt details received from the Australian Taxation Office

- dates and amounts of any voluntary repayments


9. Child care tax rebate

If you have incurred out-of-pocket expenses on approved child care, you may be eligible to claim the 30% child care tax rebate for your 2008 financial year child care expenses in your 2009 income tax return. To enable us to claim the rebate in your return, please forward copies of the following:

- a summary statement of the expenses paid and each child’s enrolment period dates, supplied by your child care provider 

- receipts, cheque butts, credit card statements or bank statements, and 

- your letter from the Family Assistance Office that includes ‘Information about claiming the new 30% child care tax rebate for your 2008/09 tax return'.


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